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Violence Against Women

What is the Network on Violence Against Women?

The Network is a collective of organisations and individuals across the Western Cape, committed to working together against Violence Against Women. There are approximately 200 members, consisting of counsellors, trainers, researchers, legal advocates, shelter workers, government officials, parliamentarians and concerned women and men.

The Western Cape Network was initiated in 1989 (as Co-ordinated Action for Battered Women) by organisations wishing to share information, learn from one another and work collaboratively to end Violence Against Women. In 1995, it affiliated to the newly-formed National Network on Violence Against Women. In 1998, an office was established and staffed. In the same year, rural and peri-urban regions became meaningfully involved in the Network.

What does the Network do?

The Network is not a service provider. Instead, it plays a strategic co-ordinating and facilitating role in the Violence Against Women sector, as follows:

  • Facilitation of networking across the Western Cape.

  • Co-ordination of training and capacity building.
  • Co-ordination of strategy and planning.
  • Co-ordination of advocacy, lobbying and campaigning.
  • Co-ordination of media, documentation and information.

A provincial office in cape Town provides co-ordination and administration to the Network. The Provincial Management Committee provides strategic direction.

When Does the Network Meet?

A General Meeting (GM) takes place on a set date of the month in each region, convened by the Provincial Office and the Executive Committee of that region. GMs create a space in which to exchange information, make decisions and create plans together. Regional Networks operate in:

Cape Town


Southern Cape


Helderberg / Winelands


Regional Networks are developing in the Overberg and the West Coast regions.

Focus group meetings also take place every month to enable specialists in the Violence Against Women sector to address shared tasks and concerns together.

A Provincial Conference is held annually to bring delegates from across the Western Cape together around a particular theme.

Why become a member?

As a member of the Network, you receive monthly invitations to meetings and quarterly newsletters filled with information relevant to the sector. You also gain access to regular skills training events for free or at subsidised rates and have opportunities to attend provincial and national networking conferences, as well as international events and exchanges. Members receive Network publications, such as the Directory of Violence Against Women Services, at cost price.

How to become a member:

For information about membership fees and a copy of the membership form, please contact the Administrator at the Provincial Office (contact details on back [below] ). Feel free to attend a GM in your region beforehand to assess whether you would like to join.

What can you do about Violence Against Women?

Whether you belong to the Network or not, you can make a difference. You can volunteer your time as a councellor, assist with fundraising events or distribute information about Violence Against Women. Your skills are valued. Contact the Network Office to find out what conribution you can make.

Network on Violence Against Women

If you would like to make contact with the National Network or any of the other Provincial Networks, please call the National office at :


How to contact us:

The Provincial Office is based in Athlone, Cape Town,
within the Saartjie Baartman
Women's Centre.

Staff can be reached at:

Telephone Number:


Fax Number:


E-mail Address:


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