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Physio, Massage, Occupational Health, Aromatherapy, Reflexology Bar ===============
'ADELPHI PHYSIOTHERAPISTS' 021-439-1077 Adelphi Centre Main Road Sea Point
	Box 27451 Rhine Road
'AFRICAN APOTHECARY' 021-689-4627  62 Palmboom Road Newlands

'APS PAIN THERAPY CENTRE' 021-426-5759 Rheede Centre Rheede Street Gardens

'A P S THERAPY (CAPE)' 021-914-6730 Tijger Park W van Schoorlaan Tijgervallei
	'Flamingovlei' 021-556-0078  13a Study Street
	'Kuils River' 021-903-6933 | 080-000-2018  6 Broekhuizen Street
	'After hours' 083-400-6871
'AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE' 021-423-2709  227 Long Street

'BLAAUWBERG THERAPY CENTRE' 021-557-6066  103 Blaauwberg Road Table View
   Bytheway Janet
'BODY CARE MASSAGE CLINIC' 021-671-9641  10 Bishopscourt Road Newlands

'BODY STRESS RELEASE ASSN OF SA' 021-788-3081  3 Stellen Close Marina da Gama E-mail
	Centres | E-mail
	'Bellville' 021-945-1294  33 6th Avenue
	'City Bowl' 021-465-0886 Schoonder Street
	'Constantia' 021-715-6222  6 Lucius Way
	'Durbanville' 021-976-8383

	'Hout Bay' 021-790-6394
		'Kommetjie Road' 021-782-5416 (81)
	'Kenilworth' 021-671-3475  81 Rosmead Avenue
	'Lansdowne' 021-696-4591  1 Crosscut Road
	'Marina da Gama' 021-788-3538
	'Milnerton Annex' 021-551-5404  116 Milnerton Medi-Clinic
	'Observatory' 021-447-2320 The Green House Station Road
	'Pinelands' 021-531-8761  8 The Crossing
	'Plumstead' 021-762-4244 Chudleigh Road
	'Scarborough' 021-780-1822
	'Sea Point' 021-434-4979
	'Table View' 021-557-0050  5 Carradale Close Sunningdale
	'Tokai' 021-712-6338 Blue Route Medical Suites
	'Wynberg' 021-762-4721
'BASLER RE' Sue 021-783-2443  2 Fishermans Cove Kommetjie
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'BELL SR' Christine 021-762-8283  9 Bathurst Road Wynberg/34 Pynemouph Road Plumstead
	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'CITY PHYSIO' 021-424-1398  201 City Park 1 Longmarket Street
	Registered Physiotherapists
'COLON HYDROTHERAPY' 021-762-9932 | 082-804-0429 Plumstead

'COLON HYDROTHERAPY' 021-557-6066 Debbie Wilson Registered Nurse Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
	General Psychiatry Community & Midwifery Nutritional Advice and Support Given
'COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH CLINIC' 021-788-4046 | 082-342-9507  48 Ventnor Road Muizenberg
	Traditional Holistic Healing
'DALENE LABRUM' 021-557-2754
	Ante natal exercise, Aqua-aerobics, Rehabilitation for Back & Sports injuries and Arthritis
'DAVIDS Y' Shireen 021-447-3987  14 Beresford Road Walmer Estate
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'ENDERMOLOGIE CENTRE' 021-683-8505  35 Wilderness Road Claremont

Endermologie is a treatment aimed at cellulite reduction. Though this treatment for cellulite hasn't become a FDA sanctioned therapy...

'ENDERMOLOGIE CLINIC TYGER VALLEY' 021-910-0890 Durbanweg 295 Bellville

'ENDERMOLOGIE THERAPY CLINIC CC' 021-556-1720  13 Pentz Drive Table View

'FIRS THERAPY CENTRE THE' 021-434-6105 The Firs Kloof Road Sea Point

'FRANKYDEE'S REJUNVENATION CENTRE' 021-685-3621  12 Loresta St Andrews Road Rondebosch

'FREDERICKS F' 021-638-2913  46 Bloukrans Road Heideveld
	Doctor Acupuncturist
'FRIEDLANDER G Dr' Anne 021-794-3660  28 Chateau Circle Constantia
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'GOLDEN GROVE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PRACTICE' 021-683-6302  6 Wessels Road Kenilworth
	Stuart Road Rondebosch 	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'HALL-SANFORD CHRISTA (PHD)' 021-712-7100  86 Edison Drive Meadowridge
	"Certified Hypnotherapist"
'HOLISTIC FREQUENCY THERAPY' 021-447-9727 Community House 41 Salt River Road Salt River

'HOOPER JM' 021-671-1735 1 Grove Village Steward Road Rondebosch
	Physical Therapist Massage Therapist (Registered)
'HULETT Sherril' 021-686-6033  6 Pillans Road Rosebank
	Physiotherapist Headache Backache
'HYDROTHERAPY TREATMENT CENTRE THE' 021-762-9932 | 082-804-0429  229b Main Road Plumstead

'ISMAIL F' Fatima 021-696-8828  118 1st Avenue Rondebosch East
	197 Thornton Road Crawford Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)

'JONES A' Duinefontein Speech Therapist Audiologist

'JUDGE A' 021-438-1653  28 Ottowa Avenue Camps Bay
	Therapist/Social Worker
'KENILWORTH OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY' 021-671-7834  2 Wessels Road Kenilworth

'LAMINETTE E' 021-906-2897  44 Long Street Kuils River Arbeidsterapeut
	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'MASSAGE THERAPY ASSOCIATION MTA'? 021-782-5909 | 021-426-2218 Box533320 Kenilworth
	Registered & Specialised Massage Therapists (YP "MASSAGE THERAPISTS (REGISTERED")
'MASTERMIND CENTRE' 021-794-6471  59 Strawberry Lane Constantia
	Certified Hypnotherapist
'MICHELLE WILLIAMS AROMATHERAPIST' 021-558-5965 Professional Aromaputic Edgemead

'NEL E' 021-949-0015  602 Jan S Marais Clinic Blanckenberg
	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'NOCHE M' Melanie 021-671-4164  14 Osbourne Road Claremont
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSN OF SA' 021-531-1311 Western Cape

'OLIVIER Marijke' 082-495-0784 Speech Therapist

'OMNI CARE FAMILY HEALTH CENTRE' 021-797-6615 Omni Centre Alma Road Lansdowne
	Box2428 Clareinch Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'OPTIFIT WALK & RUN HEALTH PROGRAMME' 021-659-5631 Boundary Road Newlands

'PAIN THERAPY CENTRE (APS)' 021-426-5759 Rheede Centre Rheede Street Gardens

'PAIN THERAPY CENTRE (DURBANVILLE)' 021-975-3379  4 Bethan Road Wellaway Park

'PAIN TREATMENT CLINIC THE' 021-797-0889  247 Main Road Plumstead

'PAIN-WAY PAIN CLINIC' 021-910-0145  2 Reiger Road Stellenberg

'PAIN RELIEF CLINIC' 021-637-6831  21 Thornton Road Athlone
'RANGER HELEN' 021-689-4815  22 Haldane Road Rondebosch
	Aroma Therapist Massage Therapist (Registered)
'S A SOC OF PHYSIOTHERAPY' 021-531-2717  4 Mountbatten Avenue Pinelands

'SEA BREEZE PAIN THERAPY CENTRE' 021-555-0758  13 Weenen Road Milnerton
	Chronic Pain Treatment
'SKIN & BODY THERAPY CLINIC CC' 021-930-5044 Box15008 Panorama
	All Beauty Treatments E-mail
'SKIN SOFT CLINIC' 021-762-2577  2 Burnham Road Plumstead
	Electrolysis/Skin Therapy E-mail
'SLABBERT JC' 021-531-2942  5 Central Avenue Pinelands
	Speech Therapist/Audiologist
'SOLE CHRIS PHYSIOTHERAPY' 021-686-0270  207 Main Road Rondebosch

'SPORTS SCIENCE CONFERENCE CENTRE' 021-686-6968  9 Boundary Road Newlands

'SPORTS SCIENCE INSTITUTE OF SA' 021-686-6968 Boundary Road Newlands
	'Biogenetics of Exercise Research' 021-686-7330 Boundary Road Newlands
	'Physiotherapy Practice' 021-686-7538
'STONE ROSALIN THERAPY' 021-790-5683 E-mail

'THERAPY NETWORK' 021-438-9195 | 082-979-4992 Box534 Green Point

'VAN DER BERG A' Annelize 021-531-8496  2 Howard Centre 1 Logan Way Pinelands
	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'WAIT Kathryn' 021-761-8397  15 Robinson Road Kenilworth
	Occupational Therapists (Registered with SAAOT)
'WARNER R' Rene 021-788-2035  47 Springwood Circle Mountaingreen Village Lakeside
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'WOLFAARDT AM'  021-982-2460  28 JGainsford Street Brackenfell Physiotherapist
	'Kenridge' 021-914-1218  11 Doordekraal Avenue
	'Oude Westhof' 021-913-6588 Van Riebeeckshof 27
	'Welgemoed' 021-913-6262 | 021-913-4604 Kommissarisstraat 21
'WOOD NG' Sue 021-683-5299  46 Hamilton Road Claremont
	Massage Therapist (Registered)
'WOODGATE & THYSSE' 021-689-5537  14 Porter House Rondebosch
'WONDER HERB CURE' 021-715-6627  276 Retreat Road Retreat
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