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TELKOM Regional Customer care? - Complaints  414 2000
	then Office of Telkoms Chief Executive Officer
	After that: SA Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Johannesburg
	Meter queries 409 2018
'TELEPHONE CONFERENCE' Front of The Phone Book > Telkom Business by Phone 1 0116
	Proceedure (CT): Call 021-949-3668 (rather than 10116 which is busy) to give the name
	& number of each member of the conference, also 'debit number' and also the time that
	the conference will be held. (eg. asap but prefer minimun half-hour notice).
	At the predetermined time 10116 dials main person & then connects each member.
	Cost: R36 setup plus normal units charge for each member's time that they are connected.

TELE FRIEND? 021-930-1122



Fax Broadcasting
	With this advanced store-and-forward fax service you can send one fax message to
	hundreds and even thousands of national and international destinations on a predefined
	broadcast list - saving you hours of your precious time.

	With fax-on-demand you simply publish or make available one fax and document number to
	your customers to provide them with up-to-date data sheets, brochures or any other
	information. The customer dials the fax number and retrieves the documents by following
	the voice prompts.
	For more information on Enhanced Fax services, call FreeCall 080-022-8400,or
	dial ShareCall  086-010-0030 from your fax machine, enter
	document number 456 102 and we'll fax you a brochure and an order form.
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