Procedure for Applying for Exemption from Income Tax

(in Terms of Section 10(1) and/or Approval in Terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962)
  1. Organisations wishing to apply for exemption from income tax, donations tax, estate duty, stamp duty and for approval for donations to be tax deductible in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act, must complete an application form (PBO1).
  2. The completed form together with the relevant documentation must be submitted to: The Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service P.O. Box 402 PRETORIA 0001
  3. Should you have any further inquiries, the following persons may be contacted at the Office of the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service: Estelle van Zyl Tel: (012) 422-4937 Fax: (012) 422-6847/48/50 Rosa Gomes Tel: (012) 422-4936 Fax: (012) 422-6847/48/50
  4. Members of the public wishing to discuss the application, are welcome to do so. It is however, imperative that prior arrangements for an appointment be made.