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Non-Governmental Organisations

Accord - African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes
ACCORD is a South African-based organisation involved in Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Preventive Diplomacy throughout the continent of Africa. accord

Alternative Information and Development Centre aidc

Amandla Awethu - database of non-profit organisations and community projects
The Amandla Foundation is a California Nonprofit organization which raises funds, goods and services to support the Amandla Braveheart Collective and the Amandla Academy amandla

Botswana Institute For Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)
BIDPA official Web site presents an economic profile, employment data and an overview of current development programs in Botswana. bidpa

Case - Community Agency for Social Enquiry
Applied research NGO, working in the socio-economic, political and developmental fields in South Africa. case

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is a South African non-governmental organisation. Since its inception in 1989, the CSVR has been dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to peaceful. wits

Community Development Resource Association
The CDRA is a non-profit, non-government organization which assists in development and social transformation. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we focus on how learning organisations and leadership can best be supported. cdra

Community H.E.A.R.T.
Health, Education and Reconstruction Training. Building the new SOUTH AFRICA. English version. deutsche Version. community-heart

Education with Enterprise Trust
Helps create employment in poor communities in South Africa through development assistance. ewet

EISA - Electoral Institute of South Africa home contact library Election News SADC Election Encyclopaedia EISA SADC Election News Update: Zambian Election Update, November 2001 Political Parties Gear for the Elections in Zambia Of more than 36 registered political parties in Zambia only abou eisa Website

ETU - Education and Training Unit
(not found ixquick)

Community Organisers Toolbox
This site contains simple guides on a wide range of skills that are useful for community organisers. It will help you to become a more effective activist in your community and to build efficient and democratic organisations toolbox

Paralegal Advice

Institute for Global Dialogue
The Institute for Global Dialogue is an independent South African non-governmental organisation that provides policy analysis on the changing global... igd

Freedom of Expression Institute
Campaigns to repeal or amend laws inhibiting freedom of expression and association. FXI seeks to educate and mobilise the public to resist any encroachments on their rights to receive and impart information, ideas and opinion. fxi

Human Rights Institute of South Africa


Nadel Human Rights and Advocacy Project
The Project is a non-governmental human rights organisation, initiated by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (Nadel). We have a skilled and committed team of human rights activists, including: a director, a national coordinator, three... Sunsite Wits

NICRO - National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders. A South African Non-Governmental Organisation that assists victims of crime and offenders Working towards a Safer South Africa Nicro

National Progressive Primary Health Care Network The National Progressive Primary Health Care Network web site has moved to healthlink"

Network of Practitioners and Researchers on Drug and Other Social Issues (not found ixquick)

Paralegal Advice paralegals

Parliamentary Monitoring Group Get daily detailed reports of what is discussed in South Africa's parliamentary committeesthe engine room of Parliament. pmg

Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa
Transforming reproductive health care and sexuality education in under served communities PPASA is a dynamic national NGO committed to the principles enshrined in the South African constitution provides leadership in... ppasa

Rape Crisis Cape Town / Rape Crisis - Home
South Africans have been invited to join the rest of the world in taking a stand against rape, in support of the 16 international days of "no violence against women rapecrisis

SANCA - South African Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
SANCA SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG DEPENDENCE PO Box 663 Auckland Park 2006 27 11 4821070 FAX:27 11 4827187 E-mail | Website ORANGE TERRACES Orange Street Off Menton Road, Sunnyside

SANGONeT - South African NGO Network
SANGONeT Home Page URL: Website | Related pages | Translate

South African NGO Coalition
The South African National NGO Coalition (SANGOCO) has since become the umbrella body of about 4000 South African NGOs consisting of provincial and sectoral affiliates, working in a wide range of development areas. sangoco

Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture - The Trauma Centre is a Cape Town-based non-governmental organisation serving survivors of violence and torture by providing free psychological and other related services. The organisation was established... crls | trauma

United Nations Development Agency (UNDP)
A grant-based multi-sectorial development agency committed to sustainable human development through several projects in the areas of governance, poverty and the environment. undp

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What is the Community Based Primary Health Care Programme? The programme is an initiative by five primary health care organisations designed to complement and advance efforts to provide primary health care services to the disadvantaged communities of the Western Cape sacla