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Extracts from the National Archives web site

NATIONAL ARCHIVES < click for web site
" provide for a National Archives; the proper management and care of the records of governmental bodies; and the preservation and use of a national archival heritage; and to provide for matters connected therewith."
"...archives preserve the memory of what a governmental body, an organisation or an individual did, as well as the circumstances and context connected with that activity."
"...includes paper-based textual records, electronic records as well as audio-visual, photographic and cartographic material. . . records originate in the main from the execution of the business of governmental bodies."
"...aimed to preserve 5% of public records..."
" of the rights of citizens are preserved in their entirety."
"...charge is to document all those aspects of the nation's experiences that had been neglected in the interests of Apartheid..."
"...about 5% of the holdings of the National Archives are non-public records. . . are of national significance"
"...any member of the public has a right of access to archives that are older than twenty years, free of charge"
"...various finding aids are prepared..."
"...foremost mission . . .to foster national identity and to ensure the protection of rights"
"...acquiring and managing records of national importance, which includes both public and non-public records"
"Restrictions on access to some non-public records..."
"...national automated archival information retrieval system..."
"Planning and Coordination, Records Management and Information Systems, the Bureau of Heraldry and the National Film, Sound and Video Archives"