'ADA MAGAZINE  021-461-3397 Box16093 Vlaeberg

'AFRIC MAIL ADVERTISING' 021-936-4500 AMA House Boston Circle Airport Industria Box3332 Capetown
	Country-wide Direct Mailing
'AFRICAN SUN PRESS CC' 021-461-1601 Publisher Box16415 Vlaeberg

'AFRICAN WILDLIFE MAGAZINE' 021-535-1818 General Elliot Avenue Epping Industria Box262 Eppindust
	'Editor' 021-535-1819
'AIR BORNE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING' 021-418-3444 East Pier Waterfront

'AIR TIME TV OUTSIDE BROADCASTS' 021-551-2560  3 Station Road Montague Gardens Box37210 Chempet

'ART PUBLISHERS (PTY) LTD' 021-532-3020  8 Old Mill Park 22 Old Mill Road Ndabeni Box334 Howard Place
	Postcards Calendars Placemats e-mail | Website
'ATHLONE NEWS' 021-488-4911  122 St Georges Mall Box1983 Capetown

'BALU DESIGN CENTRE' 021-447-4600 Reeds House 368 Main Road Observatory Box13565 Mowbray e-mail

'BIZASSIST (PTY) LTD' 021-686-6818 | 083-303-2377  94 Durban Road Mowbray
	Online Business Directory
'BLUEPRINTS DIRECTORIES' 021-376-3363 C11 Bravo Street Beacon Valley
	Mitchells Plain Local Directory
'BUTTERWORTH PUBLISHERS (PTY) LTD' 021-555-8900 Legal Publishers
	F10 Centurion Business park Bosmansdam Road Milnerton Box 1240 Capetown
'CAPE ARGUS/WEEKEND ARGUS' 021-488-4911 IOL Website
	Help Centre Telephonic Assistance 6pm - 9pm Monday to Friday Helpline 080 011 7007
	Also Argus Action
	ARGUS OMBUDSMAN as a last resort
'CAPE ADS' 021-462-3300 Avalon 2 Hope Street Gardens Website
'CAPE BUSINESS NEWS' 021-557-4061  30 Study Street Table View

'COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA CONCEPT' 021-762-4700  61 Totnes Road Plumstead

'CONSUMER NEWS' 021-592-3388 Discount 'Diry' Zelda Street Goodwood

'CONSUMER PAGES (PTY) LTD' 021-448-5851 Victoria Centre Victoria Road Box2035 Woodstock
	Publishers of Autopages
'CROWS NEST' 021-461-2782  33 Barnett Street Gardens
'CRUCIAL TRADE 59 (PTY) LTD' 021-423-4525  47 Strand Street Box51949 Waterfront
	E-commerce e-mail
'CRUTIAL TRADE 59 (PTY) LTD' 021-683-1082 Cavendish Square Dreyer Street Claremont

'CRYSTAL MAZE ADVERTISING' 021-689-9433 | 083-281-8448 Rondebosch

'CUSTOM GRAPHICS' 021-592-1278 | 083-225-0670 | 083-658-3728  218 Voortrekker Road Goodwood

'CYBERZOO INTERACTIVE' 021-465-4008 Buchanan Square 160 Sir Lowrey Road Woodstock
	Multimedia Design Development
'SUNDAY TIMES' 35 Wale Street Box2447 Capetown Website
	'Editorial' 021-488-1777
	'Advertising' 021-488-1700

'BUSINESS DAY' 35 Wale Street Box2447 Capetown
	'Editorial  & Advertising' 021-488-1700

'SOUTHERN MAIL' 021-488-4911  122 St Georges Mall Box1983 Capetown
	'Classified' 021-488-4897
	'Retail' 021-488-4911


BON LINK-UP-DATE? City of Capetown sponsored first 6 issues
'LINK-UP' 021-797-8982 The Wellstead 1 Wellington Avenue Wynberg
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'BRABY'S DIRECTORIES' 021-534-4237  21 Kringhall Avenue Box221 Howard Place
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'BUSINESS BLUE-BOOK OF SA' 021-671-1140  155 2nd Avenue Kenilworth Box2271 Clareinch

'BUSINESS DAY' Newspaper 35 Wale Street Box2447
	'Editorial & Advertising' 021-488-1700
'CAXTON MAGAZINE' 021-530-6270 Box260 Howard Place Pinelands media

'CAPE CHRONICLE' 021-712-1797  17 Yellowwood Crescent Diep River Box30159 Tokai

'CAPE COMMUNITY FM'CCFM 021-788-9492 C C F M Community Radio Avril Thomas
	'Prayer Line' 021-788-3340
'CAPE REVIEW' 021-685-5004  23a Tannery Park Rondebosch

'CARDIOVASCULAR JOURNAL OF SA' 021-976-8129  5 Biccard Street Box1013 Durbanville

'CARTOGRAPHIQUE' Mapping & Design

S A JEWISH REPORT media Johannesburg

'CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE' 021-464-6700 Hatfield Street

'CONTENTLOT .COM' 021-595-9690 N1 City Business Park 1 N Bothma Street Goodwood Box13171 N1City
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'COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE' 021-464-6200  21 St Johns Street Box5355

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'DAVID PHILIP PUBLISHERS (PTY) LTD' 021-674-4136  208 Werdmuller Centre Box23408 Claremont
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'EARTHYEAR MAGAZINE' 021-790-3406  20 Luisa Way Hout Bay Box771 Sea Point
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'FAIR LADY' 021-406-2204  40 Heerengracht Box1802

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'PUNT GESELSRADIO' 021-440-9500 Amwaygebou Dockweg 71 Waterfront
	Afrikaans Talk Radio 729 AM Medium Wave Band media
'CAPE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS' 021-488-4911  122 St Georges Mall Box1983 CapeTown
	'Classified' 021-488-4892
'THE CRONICLE' 021-712-4673 Newspaper PB X4 Hout Bay

'CAPE TALK 567 TALK RADIO' 021-488-1500  183 Bree Street Private Bag 567 Vlaeberg
	On Air Studio 567 AM Medium Wave Band also on Internet
'CAPE TIMES' 021-488-4911 Newspaper House 122 St Georges Mall Box 11 Capetown
	'CAPE TIMES FRESH AIR FUND' Established 1919
	CAREER TIMES in the Cape Times on MONDAYS
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	Subcription Hotline FreeCall 080-022-0770
	Grimley Building 14 Garden Square Box2372
'CITIZEN THE' Citizen Newspaper Groote Kerk Building Box681 Capetown
	'Editorial' 021-461-6958
	'Parliamentary' 021-461-6381 Parliament

'CONSTANTIABERG BULLETIN' 021-488-4911  122 St Georges Mall Box1983 Capetown

'CONSTANTIABERG CHRONICLE' 021-712-4673 PB X16 Constantia

KERKBODE DIE Tygervallei


'HELDERBERG C/Radio' Ian Wessels

'INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS (CAPE) LTD' 021-488-4911  122 St Georges Mall Box56 Capetown

'ISLAMIC REPUBLIC NEWS AGENCY' 021-426-2323  101 St Georges Mall


'AFRICA EVANGELISTIC BAND' Toplin House Voortrekker Road Parow
	Pilgrim Magazine
RADIO 2000 Fm 98.7

'LINK COMMUNITY NEWS PAPER' 021-637-3235  1 NY 4 Guguletu

'LINUX TRAINING & SUPPORT' 021-447-0791 Waverley Business Park Dane Street Observatory

'MILLS LITHO' 021-593-9160  11th Avenue Maitland Box4503 Capetown e-mail
	Printed the CASP Directory
'OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS' 021-595-4400 N1City vasco Boulevard Goodwood Box12119 N1City

Suid Afrika se top televisie tydskrif - met insetsels oor mode, styl, toer, resepte, musiek en stories oor Suid Afrikaners.

'PLAKA PRESS' 021-447-4507 5 Hopkins Street Salt River Box3399 Capetown 'PLEXUS TV' 021-426-2070 Gardens Box12530 Mill Street e-mail 'PRIMEDIA BROADCASTING' 021-488-1500 183 Bree Street PB 567 Vlaeberg 'PRIMEDIA OUTDOOR' 021-951-3247 A2 Steel Park Modderdam Road Box2702 Bellville 'PROCUT DIGITAL POST PRODUCTION' 021-671-7915 53 Belvedere Road Claremont 'PROMOTIONAL PRINTING & SIGNAGE' 021-556-4551 | 083-308-6787 15 Gie Road Table View 24-hour service 'PROMOTIONS & EVENTS MANAGER' 021-671-1140 155 2nd Avenue Kenilworth Box2271 Clareinch Lead Generating Journal Radio 786, 100.4FM Stereo

Official site, offering a detailed look at the work of this community radio station in Cape Town, South Africa. This site will keep you listening, thinking & talking.

'RADIO ACTIVE CAPE' 021-430-9600 129 Beach Road Moullie Point Box2551 Capetown Radio Advertising 'RADIO ATLANTIS' Russell van der Berg 'RADIO PULPIT' 021-975-1327 19 Church Street Durbanville 'RADIO P4 (PTY) LTD' 021-406-8900 Satbel Centre Somerset Road Green Point 'Studio phone-in line' 021-418-4141 'Admin & Accounts' 021-406-8940 'News' 021-406-8955 'RADIO TYGERBERG' 021-948-8801 Nobel Park Shopping Centre Old Paarl Road Bellville Rev. Soon Zevenster 'RADIO 567 CAPE TALK' 'RADIO 702' 021-488-1500 183 Bree Street PBag 567 Vlaeberg 'RADIO 786' 021-699-1786 5 Ernest Road Rylands Box111 Gatesville Amien Ahmed 'RADIOKANSEL' 021-975-1327 Kerkstraat 19 Durbanville Bus683 Sanlamhof 'RADIO ZIBONELE' Zikelele Godobo 'ZIBONELE PROJECT' 021-361-5978 Khayelitsha 'RADIO SONDER GRENSE' 021-430-8166 209 Beach Road Sea Point Box2551 Capetown 'SABC TV Advertising & Marketing' 021-430-9679 Beach Road Moullie Point 'SAFM RADIO' 021-438-8168 209 Beach Road Sea Point Box2551 Capetown 'Television News' 021-430-8379 'Television Licences Enquiries' 021-430-8335 Televison & Radio Reception Problems 'SENTECH' 'RADIO /TV RECEPTION ENQUIRIES' 021-551-1593 'CAPE TOWN TRANSMITTER CONTROL' 021-551-1592 'AREA MANAGER' 021-551-7255 'SUPPORT/SERVICE MANAGER' 021-551-4765 'UMHLOBO WENENE FM' 021-430-8100 R S G Radio Sonder Grense R 4 RADIO Fm Radio Station in Capetown 'READERS DIGEST ASSN SA (PTY) LTD' 021-670-6000 'S A B C (WESTERN CAPE)' 021-430-8100 South African Broadcasting Corporation 209 Beach Road Sea Point 'Air Time TV' 021-551-2560 Outside Broadcasts 3 Station Road Montague Gardens Box37210 Claremont 'Good Hope FM' 021-430-8276 209 Beach Road Sea Point Box2551 Capetown 'Parliamentary Liason News' 021-461-7496 Marks Building Parliament Box2552 'Radio Advertising' 021-430-9600 (Radio Active Cape)129 Beach Road Moullie Point Box2551 Capetown 'Radio News' 021-430-8238 'After Hours' 021-430-8250 'After Hours' 021-430-8251 'SAFM RADIO' 021-430-8168 fm104-107 209 Beach Road Sea Point 'S A THEATRE SISTER JOURNAL' 021-913-1121 Box15470 Panorama 'BUSH RADIO' 021-448-5450 (89.5fm) Box13290 Mowbray 7705 330 Victoria Road Saltriver 7925 Zane Ibrahim; Station Manager: E-mail Zane Adrian Louw; Assistant Station Manager: E-mail Adrian Brenda Leonard; Administrator: E-mail Brenda Shelley Knipe; Programme Co-ordinator Mzi Sibeko and Clayton Swart; Bush Radio Newsroom: E-mail Newsroom General Information etc: E-mail General Information Website > Information & Technology > Community Radio 'Broadcast Training Institute' 021-448-5466 Including Visually Impaired 'Broadcast Resource Library' 'SOUTHERN CROSS THE' Garden Square Catholic Newspaper 'TAVENER TONY PHOTOGRAPHY' 021-423-3757 Dental House 165 Longmarket Street Box15015 Vlaeberg Weddings Social Events e-mail 'THE VISUAL GROUP' 021-465-7885 34 Glynn Street Gardens Multimedia & Internet 'TELECITY LEISURE (PTY) LTD' 021-914-6241 RADIOBROADCASTING STATION Unit 7 Bateleur Office Park Pasita Street Rosen Park '567 CAPE TALK RADIO' see Cape Talk 567 Talk Radio 'FINE MUSIC RADIO' 021-401-1013 Nico Theatre Centre Foreshore Leslie McKenzie 'GOOD HOPE FM' 021-430-8276 209 Beach Road Sea Point (Radio Station) 'INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS' 021-683-4511 3 Warwick Street 'INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS (CAPE) LTD' 021-488-4911 122 St Georges mall Box56 Capetown 'P4 RADIO' 3rd Flr Satbel centre Somerset Road Green Point 'U C T RADIO' UCT Rondebosch CLASSIC FM? Radio 'MEDIESE TYDSKRIF' Pinelands 'MEDPAGES' 021-418-1474 9th floor Nedbank House 57 Heerengracht Street Box322 Green Point Health Care Directory 'MEHLO MEDIA(PTY) LTD' 021-448-1612 229 Lower Main Road Observatory MUSLIM VIEWS 'NAUTILUS FILM STUDIO & CREW' 021-510-4850 37a Auckland Street Paarden Eiland SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL ASSN Health/Medical Publishing-group 'VOICE OF THE YOUTH RADIO STATION THE' 021-374-0370 Small Business Park Bristol Road Philippi 'YOU' 021-406-2116 MAGAZINE 40 Heerengracht Box1802

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