Lawyers for Human Rights - LHR

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a leading and effective human rights and constitutional watchdog and advocate; an international force in the development and delivery of human rights, with the primary focus in Africa; a primary contributor to clear strategic policy on the delivery of socio-economic rights to the disadvantaged. LHR was established in 1979 and its work is undertaken at 8 offices throughout RSA and some 13 projects in those offices.

Lawyers for Human Rights is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation whose vision is to be:
To this end, LHR strives to promote awareness, protection and enforcement of legal and human rights through the creation of a human rights culture. The Public Protector Awareness Project Co-ordinator is based at LHR's National Office in Pretoria.

"Where a right exists on paper there should also be a mechanism to address any violations of that right. Knowing where and whom to go for assistance to protect rights is an essential component of human rights knowledge. Rights are meaningless if there is only a thin veneer of protection and enforcement of them."