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Aims and Objectives MISSION STATEMENT

The Legal Resources Centre is an independent, client-based, non-profit public interest law centre which uses law as an instrument of justice. It works for the development of a fully democratic society based on the principle of substantive equality, by providing legal services for the vulnerable and marginalised, including the poor, homeless, and landless people and communities of South Africa who suffer discrimination by reason of race, class, gender, disability or by reason of social, economic, and historical circumstances.

Inspired by our history, the Constitution, and international human rights standards, the Legal Resources Centre, both for itself and in its work, is committed to:

Ensuring that the principles, rights, and responsibilities enshrined in our national Constitution are respected, promoted, protected, and fulfilled; Building respect for the rule of law and constitutional democracy; Enabling the vulnerable and marginalised to assert and develop their rights; Promoting gender and racial equality and opposing all forms of unfair discrimination; Contributing to the development of a human rights jurisprudence; Contributing to the social and economic transformation of society. To achieve its aims, the Legal Resources Centre seeks creative and effective solutions by using a range of strategies, including impact litigation, law reform, participation in partnerships and development processes, education and networking within and outside South Africa.

Target Group(s):


For 21 years, the Legal Resources Centre has taken up the challenge of fighting for the rights of vulnerable and marginalised people in South Africa.

Using all legal means to defend and promote the rights of the poor, the homeless and the landless. Acting against unfair discrimination and injustice of all kinds. Against against unfair discrimination and injustice of all kinds. Striving to to defend, promote and consolidate a human rights culture in South Africa. And constantly seeking creative solutions to advance the social and economic transformation of society.

Education and Training

The Centre employs salaried lawyers and support staff to provide skilled legal services mainly through litigation. This service is normally provided without charge as its clients are poor, homeless and landless. It conducts training courses for candidate attorneys and paralegals. It also educates through conferences and workshops.

The Swedish non-profit agency, Save the Children, has made a donation of R100,000 to the Legal Resources Centre in order to litigate a case on behalf of the Treatment Action Campaign against the government... Read more

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