Development forum needs resources

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Heather Brenner in Tabletalk April 4 2002

"A development forum of young adults operating in Joe Slovo Park urgently needs resources in order to become effective in its community.

Does anyone have office space for two people and computer and telephone resources they would be prepared to make available on a donation basis to assist?

Ideally the forum would like to operate from business premises just outside Joe Slovo Park.

Joe Slovo Youth Development Forum was formed two years ago to address the development needs of the community there but it is battling to be effective for lack of a base from which to operate and communication and operational resources.

The forum comprises 10 executive members, volunteers from the various youth structures in Joe Slovo Park with a vision to facilitate, empower, build capacity and develop the skills of all under-resourced youth organisations in the Milnerton area, but without an office, telephone and computer equipment the group is finding it increasingly more difficult to be effective.

All the members of the executive are trained professionals, such as teachers and social workers, but like many others in Joe Slovo Park, they are unemployed.

The forum is a non-profit organisation and wants to create an enabling environment where all young people will be able to strengthen their capacity and engage themselves in activities that will improve their development and quality of life.

The forum is acting in co-operation with the community leadership in Joe Slovo Park and under the umbrella of the Blaauwberg Municipal Development Forum.

The upliftment of the Joe Slovo Park Community will be beneficial to the whole of Milnerton and the surrounding areas."

Can anyone help? Call
'Joe Slovo Youth Development Forum' Milnerton
	'Chris' 083-727-9151.
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