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		'Archbishop of Cape Town' 021-761-2531
	'DIOCESAN OFFICE'      021-465-1557 Zonnebloem Estate
	'PROVINCIAL OFFICE'    021-465-1565 Zonnebloem Estate
		'Table Bay Region'    021-465-1562
		'Saldanha Bay Region' 021-465-1563
		'C S J B Khayelitsha' 021-361-0174
		'Groote Schuur'                 021-447-2476
		'Conradie/Valkenberg/Lentegeur' 021-468-5050 Chaplain Beeper
		'Tygerberg'                     021-938-5661
		'Cape Town'    021-685-6295
		'Western Cape' 021-959-3595
	'Mothers Union Office' 021-423-6531
	St Cyprians School Belmont Avenue
		'ST GEORGES CATHEDRAL' (Office) 021-424-7360
			'Dean (Res)' 021-465-2609
			'Verger'     021-423-4514
			'THE ARCH' 021-426-2437 St Georges Cathedral
			Church of the Province of SA
		'Athlone' 021-697-1357 St Mark
		'Belhar' 021-952-4762
			'Rectory' 021-952-6222
			'ST MARY MAGDALENE' 021-952-3663 St Vincent Drive
				'Rectory' 021-952-5688
		All Saints CHURCH HOUSE Belhar
			'ST JOHNS' 021-951-3683
				'Rectory' 021-951-4524
		'Bergvliet ST MARTIN' 021-712-5106
			'Rectory' 021-712-8892
		'Blackheath NATIVITY' 021-905-3916
			'Rectory' 021-905-1601
		'Bonteheuwel' 021-694-5362 Church of the Resurrection
			'Assistant Priests' 021-694-6141
		'Bothasig HOLY TRINITY' 021-558-1629
		'Camps Bay ST PETER' 021-434-1826
		Cape Town
			'CHURCH OF THE ASCENTION' 021-461-5350
			'ST BARNABAS' 021-424-8940
			'ST MARK' 021-448-1006  35 Beresford Road University Estate
			'ST PAUL' 021-424-7769
				'Guest House' 021-423-4420
			'ST PHILIP' 021-465-3580
			'CHRIST THE KING' 021-674-1057
			'ST MATTHEW' 021-671-6413
				'Bryant Hall' 021-671-2357
				'Rectory' 021-671-6413  13 Lancaster Street Claremont
			'ST SAVIOURS CHURCH' 021-671-8171
				'Rectory' 021-674-1078
				'Parish Office' 021-671-8171 Brooke Street Claremont
				'Assistant Priest' 021-671-8779 Gray Cottage
				'Verger' 021-683-5033
		'Constantia CHRIST CHURCH' 021-794-5051
		'Crawford ST JOHN' 021-697-4956
			'St Christophers House' 021-696-8351
		'Delft ST MATTHEWS' 021-952-2226
		'Diep River ST LUKES' 021-712-6690 Annandale Road Diep River
		'Durbanville ALL SAINTS' 021-976-8016
			'Rectory' 021-976-8015
			'Assistant Priest' 021-988-2124
		'Edgemead ST MICHAEL' 021-558-4139
		'Epping ST FAITH' 021-932-9017
			'Rectory' 021-932-6042
		'Eureka ST ANDREW' 021-931-3363
			'Rectory' 021-952-4861
		'Factreton ST TIMOTHY' 021-593-2200
		'Faure ST RAPHAELS' 021-904-5133
			'St Raphael's Retreat House'
		'Fish Hoek ST MARGARET' 021-782-2323  4th Avenue Fish Hoek
			'Rectory' 021-782-1304
		'Goodwood ST ALBAN' 021-591-3504
		'Grassy Park GOOD SHEPHERD' 021-705-5354
			'Assistant Priest' 021-705-2566
			'Rectory' 021-705-2588
		'Guguletu ST MARY' 021-637-7095
			'ST COLUMBIA'S' 021-637-6174
		'Hanover Park ST DOMINIC' 021-692-1348
			'Rectory' 021-691-4305
		'Hazendal HOLY NATIVITY' 021-697-1739
		'Heideveld HOLY SPIRIT' 021-637-5426
		'Hout Bay St Peter' 021-790-1029
		'Kalk Bay HOLY TRINITY' 021-788-1641
		'Kenilworth CHRIST CHURCH' 021-797-6332 Richmond Road
			'Associate Rector' 021-671-6134
		'Kensington GOOD SHEPHERD' 021-593-1646
			'Church Office' 021-593-5253
			'Rectory' 021-593-8343
		'Kenwyn ST PHILIPS Church' 021-797-7813 Range Road
			'Associate Rector' 021-797-2448
		'Khayelitsha ST PETER' 021-361-3306
			'Harare' 021-361-5246
			'Mandela Park' 021-887-8397
		'Kleinvlei ST PETER' 021-904-1105
			'Church Office' 021-904-0045
			'Malibu ST CLARE' 021-909-1473
		'Kraaifontein ST MARY' 021-988-4648
			'Rectory' 021-987-1866  201 4th Avenue Kraaifontein
		'Kuils River ST GEORGES' 021-903-4562
			'Assistants Priest' 021-903-9768
		'Langa St Cyprian' 021-694-1822
		Lansdowne ST AIDAN'S
			'Church Office' 021-696-1500
			'Parish Hall' 021-696-5095
			'Rector' 021-704-2270
			'Curate' 021-696-8675
		'Lavender Hill ST MARK' 021-701-9385
			'Church Office' 021-701-0555
		'Lavistown ST JOSEPH' 021-934-1028  4 14th Street Bishop Lavis
			'Rectory' 021-934-8211
		'Lotus River ST AUGUSTINE' 021-706-3978
			'Church Office' 021-705-0485
		'Maitland ST ANNE' 021-511-1866
		'Manenberg' 021-633-9340 CHURCH OF THE RECONCILIATION
		'Matroosfontein ST NICHOLAS' 021-932-6911
			'Rectory' 021-932-9140
		'St Nicholas Rectory' 021-932-6911 Matroosfontein
		'Milnerton ST OSWALD Church' 021-552-3262 Rectory 34 Park Avenue
			'Assistant Priest' 021-511-4759
		Mitchells Plain
			'Lentegeur CHRIST THE SAVIOUR' 021-374-6208
			'Portland CHRIST THE MEDIATOR' 021-392-2850
				'Priest Residence' 021-392-9877
				'Assistant Priest' 021-392-1565
			'Rocklands CHRIST THE KING' 021-392-2640
			'Strandfontein St Francis' 021-393-3332
			'Westridge CHRIST THE REDEEMER' 021-371-0119
				'Rectory' 021-374-7863
				'Child Care Centre' 021-371-6021 Park Avenue
			'Woodlands Church of the Annunciation' 021-371-8094
				'Rectory' 021-374-6042
		'Mowbray ST PETER' 021-689-1903
			'Rectory' 021-686-4732
		'Muizenberg ALL SAINTS' 021-788-1007
		'Newlands ST ANDREW' 021-674-3851
		'Northpine ST ANDREW' 021-981-0406
		'Observatory ST MICHAEL Rectory' 021-447-6420 Howe Street
		'Ocean View ST CLARE' 021-783-1711
		'OTTERY ST MICHAEL' 021-703-6016
		'Parkwood SIMON OF CYRENE' 021-705-6138
		'Parow ST MARGARET' 021-939-3943
		'Pinelands ST STEPHEN'S Church' 021-531-3350
			'Rectory' 021-531-7480
			'Assistant Priest' 021-531-1773
		'Plumstead ALL SAINTS' 021-797-4177
			'Assistant Priest' 021-797-4176
			'St Faith' 021-762-3940
		'Ravensmead ST FRANCIS' 021-931-2894
		'Retreat ST CYPRIAN' 021-712-6132
			'Rectory' 021-712-0546
			'Assistant Priest' 021-712-6815
			'ST PAUL' 021-689-4720
			'ST THOMAS' 021-685-6752
			'Rectory' 021-685-3305
			'Salt River St Luke' 021-447-0330
			'Sea Point Parish Office' 021-434-0161
			'Holy Redeemer Rectory' 021-434-1846
			'St James Rectory' 021-434-1826
			'Silvertown ST GEORGE' 021-633-3915
				'Assistant Priest' 021-633-9705 Appledene Road
				'Rector' 021-685-2041
			'St Elizabeth House' 021-696-7198
			'Simons Town ST FRANCIS' 021-786-3564
			'Steenberg ST ANDREW' 021-701-2302
			'Table View ST CHAD'S' 021-557-1842
				'Rectory' 021-557-1845
			'Roodebloem ALL SAINTS' 021-448-2182
			'ST BARTHOLEMEW' 021-465-3580
			'ST MARY' 021-448-1495
				'Rectory' 021-448-1495 Station Road Woodstock
			'Parish Office St John's' 021-761-9020 St Johns Road Wynberg
			'Emmanuel Church Office' 021-797-0179  60 Ottery Road
				'Associate Rector' 021-762-4936
				'Youth Centre' 021-761-0162
			'St Johns Church Office' 021-797-8968 St Johns Road
				'Associate Rector' 021-797-7856

	Food to the Hungry Miss Davis	Mr Eddie Shepherd
	BROOM BRIGADE? St Georges Cathedral 021-426-1307

'ALL SAINTS CHURCH HOUSE' 021-952-2226  1 Schubert Crescent Belhar

'ST MARK'S RECTORY' 021-697-1358 Church Street Athlone

  chaplain,   noun.
        1. the clergyman authorized to perform religious functions for a family,
           royal court, school, unit in the armed forces, prison, other institution.
        2. a clergyman or layman authorized to lead religious services in a
           public assembly, legislative body, or fraternal organization
     noun   chaplainship.
  chaplaincy,   noun, pl.  -cies.
       the position of a chaplain.

 dean   (1), noun.
       1. a member of the faculty of a school, college, or university who has charge
          of the behavior or studies of the students.
       Ex. the dean of women.
       2. a head of a division or school in a college or university.
       Ex. the dean of the Law School.
       3. a high official of a church. A dean is often in charge of a cathedral.
       4. a person who has belonged to a group longest; senior member; doyen.
       Ex. He [Bill Zorach] was the dean of carvers and one of America's
           leading artists (New York Times). William Byrd in 1600 ...
           was the dean of London musicians (Harold C. Schonberg).
       5. (British.)
       a. the president of a faculty or the head of a college within a university.
       b. a fellow of a college at Oxford or Cambridge charged with disciplinary
 dean   (2), noun.
       (British.) dene.

 manse,    noun.
       1.  a minister's house; parsonage,
           especially of a Presbyterian minister in Scotland.
       Ex. The pastor may remain on salary and continue to reside
           in the manse (Chicago Tribune).
       2. (Obsolete.) land sufficient to support a family.
       3. (Obsolete.) a mansion.

 suffragan, noun, adjective.
 	noun   1. a bishop consecrated to assist another bishop.
	       2. any bishop considered in relation to his archbishop or metropolitan.
	adj.  assisting.
 suffragan bishop, =suffragan.
 suffraganship, noun.
	       the position of suffragan.

 verger,   noun.
       1. a person who takes care of a church; sexton.
       2. an official who carries a rod, staff, or similar symbol of office before
          the dignitaries of a cathedral, church, or university.
 vergership,    noun.
       the position, charge, or office of a verger.

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