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The Catholic Internet & E-Mail Directory of Southern Africa
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E-Mail cidsa@smom-za.org
URL http://go.to/cidsa or http://smom-za.org/cidsa/ or http://servus.smom-za.org/www1/gtl/cidsa/
	'Archbishop' 021-462-2147
		'Bishop' 021-462-2147
		'Vicar General' 021-462-2417
	'Archdiocesan Chancery' 021-462-2417
		'Caretaker' 021-462-2418
	'Catechetical Office' 021-462-2417
	'Clinical Psychologist' 082-742-6367 Claremont
	'Clinical Social Worker' 021-674-3936
	'Interdiocesan Tribunal' 021-462-2417
	'Justice & Peace Office' 021-462-2428 Catholic Church
	'Marriage & Family Life Ministries' 021-674-3936  10 1st Avenue Claremont
	'Pastoral Development Team' 021-462-2417
	'Xhosa Ministry Office' 021-462-2417
	'Youth Commission' 021-462-2147
		'Campsite Strandfontein' 021-393-1408
	'Pontificial Mission Soc' 021-674-1311
		See under 'Catholic Church' for list of RC Churches
		'Athlone' 021-696-6713 Lawrence Road
		'Atlantis Presbytery' 021-572-4783
			'Office' 021-572-3837
		'Belgravia' 021-637-6938  23 Klipfontein Road
		'Belhar' 021-952-1400  33 Willow Way
		'Bellville' 021-948-4453 Rhos Street
		'Bergvliet' 021-712-2210 Bergvliet Road
		'Bonteheuwel' 021-694-5355
		'Bothasig' 021-558-1412  1 GoedeHoop Street
		'Brackenfell' 021-982-4804  30 Station Road
		'Bridgetown' 021-638-1873 Loerie Road
		'Brooklyn Office' 021-511-5484  160 Koeberg Road
		'Camps Bay' 021-438-9340  8 The Fairway
			'Cathedral' 021-461-1167  16 Bouquet Street
				'Mass Times Messages' 021-461-8111
			'Nile Street' 021-461-4324 (36)
			'Somerset Road' 021-434-3324
		'Claremont' 021-671-6140  2 Wade Street
			'Schoenstatt Fathers' 021-671-0723  1st Avenue
			'SCHOENSTATT FATHERS' House Sion Box2270 Claremont
		'Constantia' 021-794-5185 Price Drive Box161
		'Delft' 021-952-7669 Silversands Road
		'Durbanville' 021-976-1550
		'Elsies River' 021-932-5231  114 Halt Road
		'Factreton' 021-593-8424  16th Avenue
		'Fish Hoek' 021-782-2671  2 6th Avenue
		'Goodwood' 021-591-2229  30 Anderson Street
		'Grassy Park' 021-706-1570  1st Road
			'Catholic Centre' 021-705-1975
		'Green Point' 021-434-3324 Cheviot Place
		'Guguletu' 021-637-5396 NY 5
		'Hanover Park' 021-692-1375  111 Hanover Park Avenue
		'Hout Bay' 021-790-1462 St Anthony's Road
		'Idas Valley' 021-883-3566
		'Khayamnandi' 021-906-2679
		'Khayelitsha' 021-361-3308 E504
			'D395' 021-387-3766
		'Kleinvlei' 021-909-1743  1 Valerie Crescent
		'Koelenhof' 021-882-2208
		'Kommetjie' 021-783-1768 Rubbi Road
		'Kraaifontein' 021-988-1687  163 10th Avenue
		'Kuils River' 021-903-6961 Station Road
		'Langa' 021-694-1737 Langa Road
			'Social Welfare' 021-694-1830 (& state pensions)
				St Francis Catholic Church
		'Lansdowne' 021-696-2903  310 Lansdowne Road
			'Rector of Community' 021-696-4352
		'Lavistown Presbytery' 021-934-2387
		'Maitland' 021-511-2844  202 Coronation Road
		'Manenberg' 021-691-8553 Manenberg Avenue
		'Matroosfontein' 021-931-0269 St Dominic Street
		'Milnerton' 021-511-5484
		Mitchells Plain
			'Lentegeur' 021-371-8336 Sunflower Road
			'Rocklands' 021-392-3647 Park Avenue
			'Strandfontein' 021-393-1653 St Phillips
				'Presbytery' 021-393-6512
			'Tafelsig' 021-397-6025 Mountain Street
			'Westridge' 021-374-7688 Amandel Street
		'Mowbray Parish' 021-686-6172  17 Langton Road
			'Parish Centre' 021-689-1575  18 Langton Road
		'Newlands' 021-674-3667  6 Stirling Road
		'Nyanga St Mary's' 021-385-0128 1st Avenue
		'Observatory' 021-448-3631  118 Station Road
		'Paarl' 021-872-6835 van der Lingen Street
		'Parow' 021-591-1911 Voortrekker Road
		'Parow Valley' 021-931-6752  213 Riley Street
		'Pinelands' 021-531-5223  24 Queen's Way
			'Office' 021-531-7049  1 Union Avenue
		'Plumstead' 021-705-3716  136 Lympleigh Road
			'Parish' 021-705-1506  153 Lympleigh Road
		'Retreat' 021-712-1841 Retreat Road
		'Rondebosch' 021-686-8708  23 Rouwkoop Road
			'Catholic Centre' 021-685-1987
		'Ruyterwacht' 021-535-2326
		'Sea Point' 021-434-3950  2 St Andrews Road
		'Simonstown' 021-786-1940 St George's Street
		'Somerset West' 021-852-1410
		'Steenberg Parish Priest' 021-701-3651
			'Catholic Centre' 021-701-2345 Orchestra Street
		'Stellenbosch' 021-887-5979
		'St James' 021-788-1275 Main Road
		'Strand' 021-853-6448
		'Table View' 021-557-6780  43 Janssens Avenue
		'Welcome' 021-637-4637  31 4th Street
		'Woodstock' 021-448-2645  17 Dublin Street
		'Wynberg' 021-761-3337  2 Clare Road Wittebome
		Chaplains to Hospitals
			'Cape Town Medi Clinic' 021-461-1167
			'City Park' 021-461-1167
			'City Hospital' 021-434-3324
			'Somerset' 021-434-3324
			'Vincent Palotti' 021-531-7008 Vincent Pallotti Hospital
		Chaplains to Immigrants
			'Dutch' 021-786-1940
			'Italians' 021-461-4324
			'Germans' 021-438-1242
				German Chaplaincy
			'Polish' 021-448-2645
			'Portuguese' 021-461-4324
		Chaplains to Universities
			'Cape Town' 021-685-3465
			'Stellenbosch' 021-887-5979
			'Western Cape' 021-952-7985
	convent   (1), noun.
	       1. a group of nuns or other persons dedicated to a religious life, living
	       together according to fixed rules and under religious vows.
		       A convent is in the charge of a superior.
	       2. the building or buildings in which they live. (SYN) cloister, abbey.
	'Carmelite Sisters' 021-797-5568 Convent Road Wynberg
	Dominican Sisters
		'Region House' 021-465-2019  73 St Johns Street
		'Regional Vicar' 021-465-3017
		'Regional Secretary' 021-461-5114
		'Hout Bay' 021-790-2414 Valley Road
		'Idas Valley' 021-883-3566
			'Koelenhof' 021-882-2208
		'Rondebosch' 021-685-5658 Riverside Road
		'Woodstock' 021-447-4723 Regent Street
		'Wynberg' 021-761-4221 Springfield
			'St Alberts' 021-797-0624  89 Castletown Road Wynberg
		'Mother Prioress' 021-761-4213
	Holy Cross Sisters
		'Atlantis' 021-572-7092
		'Cape Town' 021-465-1855
		'Bellville' 021-919-3721 Bloemhof Street
		'Langa' 021-694-9812 Box864 Howard Place
		'Lentegeur' 021-374-3486
		'Maitland' 021-511-7216 Coronation Road
		'Provincial House' 021-934-6006 Modderdam Road
			'Call Office' 021-934-0089
		'Retreat' 021-712-2091 Retreat Road
		'Rugby' 021-511-3805
	Holy Family Sisters
		'Sea Point' 021-439-5792  297 High Level Road
		'Tafelsig' 021-397-1129
	'Little Sisters Of Jesus' 021-691-8351  261 Manenberg Avenue Manenberg
	'Little Sisters Assumption' 021-934-1288  25 Reenberg Road Bishop Lavis
	Loreto Sisters
		'Plumstead' 021-762-2290  5 Humberstone Road
		'Eerste River' 021-904-8032
		'Strand' 021-853-6225
		'Woodstock' 021-447-7448 WOMAN IN NEED 19 Palmerston Road Woodstock
	'Missionary Sisters of Charity' 021-361-3376 Khayelitsha
	'Nazareth Sisters' 021-461-1635 Derry Street
	Oblate Sisters of St Francis De Sales
		'Ocean View' 021-783-1923 Sirius Way
		'Koelenhof' 021-882-2833
	Pallotine Sisters
		'St Josephs Home' 021-934-0352
		'Pinelands' 021-506-5114 Alexandra Road
	Salesian Sisters
		'Paarl' 021-872-3496
		'Belhar' 021-952-0989
	Schoenstatt Sisters
	''SHOENSTATT SISTER OF MARY' Hout Bay Road High Constantia
		'Cape Town' 021-423-8136 Villa Maria Kloofnek Road
			'Nursery School' 021-423-8138 Villa Maria 5 Kloofnek Road
		'Constantia' 021-794-5100 Schoenstatt Prov House Hout Bay Road
		'Great Oaks' 021-794-6185
		'Hanover Park' 021-692-1180 Maryland Summit Road
	'Sisters of Charity of St Paul' 021-461-1635 Vredehoek
	'Apostleship of the Sea' 021-419-3117  660 Duncan Road Table Bay Harbour
			Seamens Institute
		'Catholic Port Captain' 021-461-4324
	Deaf Apostate
		'Dominican-grimley' 021-790-1052 Valley Road Hout Bay
		'Hostel for the Deaf' 021-712-2008  2nd Road Heathfield
		'School for Deaf' 021-761-8046 Dominican Clare Road Wittebome
			'Staff' 021-761-1248 CONVENTS
	'Holy Cross Childrens Home' 021-934-6435 Modderdam Road Parowvallei
	Hospitals Catholic Church
		'St Joseph' 021-934-0352
		'VINCENT PALOTTI' 021-506-5111 Alexandra Road Pinelands
			'24-Hours Emergency Unit' 021-506-4000 Vincent Pallotti Hospital
			'Admission Desk' 021-506-5124
		Kolbe House Grotto Road Rondebosch
				'Students' 021-689-9908
				'Warden' 021-685-7370
		'Salesian Institute' 021-425-1450 Somerset Road Hostel
		'Kolping Soc Of SA' 021-930-7930 Parow Medical Centre Voortrekker Road Parow
		'Maryland Literacy Programme' 021-692-1355 Summit Road
			Box39 Hanover Park E-mail

Twenty five years ago the Schoenstatt Sisters realised the need for an adult education centre on the Cape Flats.
MISSION STATEMENT: Our commitment is to continue engaging all stakeholders towards building a democratic South Africa by implementing Adult Education and Training for Life-Long learning programmes for those who have been denied this basic human right. Adults will have a strong and meaningful voice in society as well as a better quality of life.

ParkwoodSea PointGrassy Park
Delft SouthBlackheathEerste River
WestridgeKraaifonteinHout Bay
MilnertonDelftHanover Park
ConstantiaLeonsdaleElsies River
GuguletuCrossroadsMandela Park
Die PoortClanwilliamLamberts bay

		'Nazareth House' Derry Street
	Retreat Training Centres
		Cape Town Diocesan Seminary Crawford
			'Staff' 021-697-1420
			'Students' 021-697-1015
		'Christian Bros Centre' 021-880-0242
		'Dominican Retreat Centre' 021-797-8570
		'Schoenstatt' 021-794-3132  3 Schoenstatt Lane
		'St Joseph's Home' 021-934-0352
			'Resident Priest' 021-934-8209
		'St Francis Adult Education Centre' 021-694-1801 Ndabeni Street Langa
'PALLOTINE MISSIONARY SISTERS' 021-531-1396  1 Alexandra Road Pinelands

SCHOOLS RC Schools listed Alphabetically
	'Green Point' 021-439-1169 York Road Christian Brothers College E-mail
	'Woodstock' 021-448-8065  7 Dublin Street Christian Brothers School
	'Holy Cross' 021-919-4734 Bloemhof Street Bellville Christian Brothers School
		'Brooklyn' 021-511-4337
		'Maitland' 021-511-9365
		'Nile Street' 021-465-2158
	'Holy Trinity' 021-931-2604 Matroosfontein
	'Immaculate High' 021-761-1930 Clare Road Wittebome
	'Loreto' 021-853-3377
	'Marian High School' 021-931-4891 St Dominic Street Matroosfontein
	'Marist Brothers College' 021-685-6715  27 Belmont Road Rondebosch
		'Principal' 021-685-7336 'St Joseph's College'
		After-care Centre
	'MARIST BROTHERS JUNIOR SCHOOL' 021-685-7336 Rondebosch
	'MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS' 021-862-0480 Paarl
	'REGINA COELI PRIMARY' 021-637-6932 Klipfontein Road Belgravia
	'Star of the Sea School' St James
	'Springfield Junior' Wynberg
	'Springfield Senior' Wynberg
	'St Agnes Primary' Woodstock
	'St Anne's' 021-705-1324 Stella Road Plumstead
	'St Anthony's Primary' 021-712-8026 Gordon Road Heathfield
	'St Augustine's Primary' 021-934-6004 Delarey Street Parowvallei/Tiervlei
		'Wittebome' 021-761-3114 Clare Road
	'St Clement's' 021-706-3742 Lake Road Grassy Park
	'ST CYPRIAN'S SCHOOL' Belmont Avenue
	'St Ida's' 021-886-6021 Idas Valley Stellenbosch
	'St James' Primary' 021-788-7064 Kalk Bay
	'St John's' 021-593-1960  8th Avenue Windermere
	'St Louis Primary' 021-694-2157 Bonteheuwel
	'St Mary's Primary' 021-385-0183 Nyanga
	'St Mary's Primary' 021-712-4611 Retreat
	'St Mary's Primary School' 021-465-1115 Tuinplein Gardens
	'St Raphael's' 021-696-6718 Lawrence Road Athlone
	'St Theresa's' 021-637-4020 Welcome Estate
	'St Vincent's' 021-882-2404 Koelenhof
	'Villa Maria Nursery' Kloof Nek Road
'CATHOLIC EDUCATIONAL AID PROGRAMME' 021-696-5500  23 Birchwood Street Athlone
'CATHOLIC NEWSPAPER & PUBLISHING CO LTD' 021-465-5007 Southern Cross Grimley Building
	SOUTHERN CROSS THE (Newspaper) 14 Garden Square Box2372
'CATHOLIC REPOSITORY' 021-419-9980 Salesians Institute 2 Somerset Road Box870
	Religious Articles/Books
'CATHOLIC SCHOOLS OFFICE' 021-697-4970 Birdwood Road Athlone

	Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Cape Town

	'CATHOLIC WELFARE & DEVELOPMENT' 021-425-2095  37a Somerset Road
	'Athlone Centre' 021-696-6659
		'Atlantis' 021-572-2739 Sun Road
			'I & J House' 021-572-2739 Sun Road Atlantis
		'Elsies River' 021-931-5331
		'Guguletu' 021-637-4420  35 NY 5
		'Khayelitsha' 021-361-2684 E505
		'Kommetjie' 021-783-2292  6 Flamingo Street
		'Ocean View' 021-785-4006? Info from CASP
		'Project Co-ordinator' 021-931-0520  159 Elsies River Road Eureka
		'Bishop Lavis St Martin Early Learning Centre' 021-934-3388
		'Bonteheuwel St Matthew Early Learning Centre' 021-695-5693
		'Bridgetown Bridges Play Centre' 021-633-4675
		'Hanover Park Our Lady of the Rosary' 021-691-3395
			'Our Lady of the Rosary Nursery School' 119 Hanover Park Avenue Hanover Park
		'Macassar St Stephen' 021-857-1120
		'Noel Stanton Memorial Early Learning Centre'
			'Eureka' 021-931-1318  40 40th Street
			'Uitsig' 021-933-5616
	'Abalimi Bezehaya Gardening Project' 021-447-2156
		'Khayelitsha Nursery' 021-361-3497
		'Nyanga Nursery' 021-386-3777
	'Aids Education Project' 021-425-2095
	'Battered Women's Programme' 021-931-5331 See also
	'Caring Network' 021-425-2095
	'Civil Education & Training Project' 021-696-2557  146 Lawrence Road Athlone
	'Community Business Services' 021-425-2095
	'Community Kitchens' 021-425-2095
	'Containers For Africa' 021-425-2095
	'Delta Women's Empowering Programme' 021-448-8411
		DELTA TRAINING PROGRAMME 1 Scott Road Observatory
	'Ikhwezi Lomsa Sports Project Worklink' 021-425-2095
	'Job Training Centre' 021-461-1404 Catholic Welfare
		Job Start Training for Hospitality Industry
	'Refugee Accommodation Project' 021-425-2095
	'Rural Development Support Programme' 021-425-2095
	'Women In Need' 021-425-2095 CASP Directory
	Working With Men
		'The 5 in 6 Project' 021-425-2095


	'Mother Vicar' 021-465-3017 Capetown
	'Springfield' 021-761-4221 Wynberg
	'St Agnes' 021-447-4723 Woodstock
		'ST AGNES DOMINICAN CONVENT PRIMARY SCHOOL' 021-447-2839 | 021-447-3079
			Dublin Street Woodstock
	'Star of the Sea' School 021-788-5910 Main Road St James
	'St Mary's' 021-465-2019 Bouquet Street
	'St Michaels' 021-685-5658 Rondebosch


'ST JOHN BOSCO CATHOLIC NURSERY SCHOOL' 021-374-0103 Amandel Street Westridge

'NAZARETH HOUSE' 021-461-1635 Derry Street Box12116 Cape Town | E-mail
	'Accounts' 021-461-5153 | E-mail Admin
	'Children' 021-465-5222
	'Social Worker' 021-461-5480
	'Staff' 021-465-5347
	'Residents' 021-465-5246
	'Elsies River' 021-932-7318  13th Street Box52

'ST MARY'S CATHEDRAL' 021-461-1167  16 Bouquet Street Capetown

'ST MICHAELS CATCHOLIC PRESBYTERY' 021-686-8708 Rouwkoop Road Rindebosch

	seminary,  noun, pl. naries.
	      1.a school or college for training students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis.
	      2.an academy or boarding school, especially for young women.
	      3.a school, especially one beyond high school.
	      4.a place for instruction, training, or development.
	      5.(Figurative.) a place of origin and early development.
	      Ex. a nursery and seminary of blunder (James Russell Lowell)
	      6.(Obsolete.) a seminar.

"Each and every CWD initiative has one simple aim: to assist people in need to rediscover their value as human beings. Dignity and self-respect is the fruit. Education and employment is the labour."
Catholic Welfare and Development Annual Report

Women in Need focuses on the homeless women (and children) of central Capetown. CWD aims to provide these women with support as well as to encourage them to become more productive and in doing so alleviate some of the crime and social problems on the street. Women are trained in areas such as first aid and the establishment and running of créches. The project is also attempting to establish saving schemes for these women in order to try and alleviate the poverty and desperation on the street.

'WOMEN-IN-NEED' 021-447-3789 WIN 37a Somerset Road Green Point

'CATHOLICARE' serving the needs of the underprivileged in Milnerton and Brooklyn
	'Brian or Val Sharkey' 021-552-2836 (All hours)
	'DON BOSCO CENTRE' 021-421-6764 2 Somerset Road
		'Learn to Live' Salesian Institute
		'Hostel' 021-425-1452
	'DON BOSCO HOSTEL' 021-425-1452  2 Somerset Road
	'DON BOSCO OUTREACH PROGRAM' 021-425-1431  2 Somerset Road


	'Mother Prioress'
	'Junior School Principal' 021-797-9637 Springfield
	'Senior School Principal' 021-797-6169
	'Springfield PTA' 021-761-2238


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