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Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security (ACESS)


We believe in a society that takes care of its vulnerable members, in a world where children do not suffer from hunger, abuse, cold, illness, or hardship.

We believe that all children should be able to benefit from a comprehensive social security system. The system must ensure children's survival and a standard of living adequate for their development. Furthermore, it must create an environment that enables all children to enjoy their constitutional rights, especially the rights to equality, dignity, health, education, participation and protection from abuse and neglect.


  1. All children have a constitutional right to social security.
  2. A comprehensive social security system comprises a package of services and benefits.
  3. Social Security must provide for the basic needs of the child and for the special needs arising from a chronic health condition or a compromised home situation, in order to ensure his or her survival and a standard of living adequate for his or her development.
  4. Social Security is the responsibility of the parents, the private sector and the State. However, if parents are unable to provide for the child, the State is obliged to provide material assistance to the family.
  5. The State is obliged to find the necessary rescources and to implement effective delivery systems to fulfil children's rights to social security.
  6. Social Security is an intersectorial responsibility of all government departments.
  7. As key stakeholders, special efforts need to be made to facilitate and enable children's participation in decisions on social security.

ACESS Members

1 October 2001

Task Team

  • Children's Rights Centre
  • Children's Institute, UCT
  • Development Resources centre

Reference Team

  • Community Law Centre, UWC
  • Gender Advocacy Programme
  • South African National Council for Child and Family Welfare
  • Black Sash
  • Soul City


  • Women on Farms Project
  • Thubelihli Women's Group
  • Childline Family Centre, (Durban)
  • Molo Songololo
  • Centre for Childhood Development
  • Nazereth House
  • Highway Hospice
  • Zamakahie Support Group
  • Quaker Peace Centre
  • Early Learning Resource Unit
  • Child Welfare Society (Johannesburg)
  • Wola Nani
  • Thandanani Association
  • Lawyers for Human Rights
  • SABC
  • South African Black Social Workers Association
  • Bambisanani Project
  • AIDS Legal Project
  • IMLU
  • SAMSA (Western Cape)
  • Grassroots Adult Education and Training Trust
  • Department of Human Ecology and Dietics, UWC
  • Nakekelisizwae Network (KZN)
  • Ekupholeni Mental Health Centre (Gauteng)
  • Institute for Child and Family Development, UWC
  • Ikhulubone Trust (KZN)
  • Friends of Saint Apploianan (KZN)
  • Streetwise (KZN)
  • AIDS Foundation (KZN)
  • Street Universe (WC)
  • Womens Empowerment Group (KZN)
  • Independent Medical Legal Unit (University of Natal)
  • Thubelihli Women's Group
  • Wates Foundation
  • Burke Consulting

Contact the Alliance

For further information on ACESS and its activities, please contact one of the Task Team or reference Team members listed below:

Shirin Motala
Children's Rights centre
ACESS Durban
E-mail: Shirin
Teresa Guthrie or Paula Proudlock
Children's Institute, UCT
'ACESS' (Cape Town)
'Tel': 021-685-4053 | 021-685-1583
'Cel': 082-872-4694 | 083-709-6421
E-mail: Teresa / Paula
Shereen Usdin
Soul City
ACESS Johannesburg
E-mail: Shereen

Member Registration Form


If you would like to join the alliance, please fill in this form and fax to:

Nomsa Gumede and Shirin Motala
Children's Rights Centre Durban








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